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Project Description
DvdId Retriever makes the task of obtaining the dvdid.xml files from easier.

All that is required is a free account for

02-09-2009 - Beta 2: Login can now be performed from the interface.
02-09-2009 - Beta 2: Exception is no longer thrown when 'Edit' button is pressed and no DvdId is available.
02-09-2009 - Beta 2: Maximise of Main Window is available.
02-09-2009 - Beta 2: Added icon.

  • The selected movie folder is not saved.
  • It is hard to determine if your login is successful until you navigate to a new page.

Quick Guide
  1. Select the folder containing your movies, the list will populate using the sub-folder names.
  2. Single left-click a movie and click 'Search' or double-click the movie.
  3. Select a result from the search results list.
  4. If you are singed in the DvdId will be retrieved from the page automatically.
  5. Click 'Write'.

The 'Delete' button removes the current dvdid.xml file.

Additional Features
Once Media Center has created the relating xml file, clicking 'Edit' will allow you to amend the stored movie title and remove the CoverParam entries. Removing the CoverParam tags will tell Media Center to use the folder.jpg file rather than the downloaded artwork.


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